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To advance and disseminate knowledge of and information about physics and its applications.


Represents its members in national and international affairs
Conducts meetings of various types during the year
Develops and implements programs in physics education and outreach
Communicates with the public through national media
Recognizes professional accomplishments
Informs its members of latest local and regional developments in physics and its applications
Sponsors career and development initiatives
Interacts with local industry to enhance communication and collaboration

Issues of concern

Public understanding of physics
Place for physicists to meet and raise issues
Physics education
Physics career development

Objectives of workshops:

In line with the Society’s mission to advance and disseminate knowledge of and information about physics and its applications, the workshops will focus on teaching physics by inquiry and will be based on hands-on teaching and learning methods that have been proven effective by physics education research.

Previous Workshops

Workshop (1): Electric Circuits
Workshop (2): Electromagnetic Radiation
Workshop (3): Mechanics and Magnetism
Workshop (4): Alternating Current
Workshop (5): Bringing Technology into Physics Classrooms

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Contact Details

Qatar Physics Society
C/O Prof. Ilham Y. Al-Qaradawi
Physics Department, Qatar University
P.O. Box 2713, Doha – Qatar