General links

Professional bodies:

Stayfirst Branding Agency.

Institute of Physics website.

American Institute of Physics Education and Student Services Home Page.

The American Physical Society Home Page.

The American Association of Physics Teachers.

Educational Links:

The Physics Classroom, A High School Physics Tutorial.

The Encyclopedia of the Materials Science and Technology (requires membership).

The Open University Home Page.

Physics 2000, an Interactive Journey through Modern Physics.

The Virtual Library: Physics. Contains Links to Physics Websites.

PhysLink, Physics and Astronomy Online.

Advancing Physics, Provides Educational Resources for Teachers, Students, and Technicians.

Salters Horners Advanced Physics Page.

Lectures and Homework Assignments about different Topics about Physics.

Provides Java Applets on Physics with Several Languages.

BA Hons (Primary Education) Science and ICT Help Pages.

The Standards Site. Learning how to Learn: Appropriately Challenging Curriculum Tasks Created by Skillful Teachers.


General Information about Order of Magnitude Physics Class contains Class notes, Problem Sets with Solutions, and the Final Exam.

U.C. Berkeley Physics Lecture Demonstrations.

The Case Network, Cognitive Acceleration through Science Education.

CPES Micro Computer Lab, provides Tutorials, Modules, and Courses about Physics.

The K-12 Student and Teacher Resources Center.

Think Quest Library, the Soundry_Interactive Sound Lab.

SciShop Latest News.

SETI@home Home Page, a Scientific Experiment that uses Internet-Connected Computers in the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence.

The Physics Teachers’ Home Pages, Provides Teaching Resources and Techniques as well as Links and e-mail Addresses.
IUN/FYDE Introductory Physics Notes Based on Lectures Given through the IUN/FYDE Distance Education Program of the University of Winnipeg.

Physics for Free Home Page, contains two free books by Emeritus Professor Frank Firk, former Chairman of the Department of Physics and Master of Trumbull College, Yale University.

Cite World maker Home Page, Introducing the Fascinating World of Learning through Simulations and Model Making.

London City of Science Home Page.

Andy Darvill’s Science Site, Contains Materials for use in Lessons, Downloads, Information about other Software, and Revision Tips.

Physics for Fun provides Educational Resources and Links about Physics.


Physics Egypt, A Physicist’s Eye on the Net. Contains News about Events in Egypt that are Related to Physics.


Computer Animations of Physical Processes.

Hyperphysics’ Page about Heat, Contains Information about Heat, Heat and Work, the Mechanical Equivalent of Heat, and Constant Pressure Work.


Physics news, jobs, and resources