Physics equipment vendors

RS Online Home Page.
Modern Electrical Supplies Company Home Page, a RS Component International Distributor.
Vacuum Technology from Varian.
Caburn Home Page, the Vacuum Components Company.
BOC Edwards Home Page, a Process Materials, Equipment and Services Specialist.
Eagle Technology Home Page.
Start Spellman Home Page, Leading the Way in High Voltage Technology. Home Page.
Sorensen, Division of Elgar, the World’s Largest Selection of Programmable DC Power.
Oxford Instruments Home Page.
Brandenburg High Voltage Power Supplies Home Page.
FAST ComTec’s Home Page.
ORTEC, a Leading Supplier of Radiation Detection and Measurement Systems, Electronic Instruments and Modules, High Resolution Radiation Detectors, and Data Analysis Software.
Swallow Metals Home Page.
Thermo Vacuum Generators Online Store.
VAT Home Page, the Leader in Vacuum Valves.
Advent Research Materials.
Amptek Inc., X-Ray Detectors, Gamma Ray Detectors, Charge Sensitive Preamplifiers and more.
Alrad Electronics Home Page, distributes radiation, nuclear, high voltage, and electro-optics equipment.
Burle Long-Life Microchannel Plates.
Sjuts Channel Electron Multipliers Home Page.
PASCO scientific