“Fostering Scientific Curiosity through Strengthening Teachers’ and Students’ Understandings of Energy and Inquiry”, (Oct. 2012 – Sept. 2015) funded by Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF) through Qatar National Priorities Research Program (NPRP), 2012, $777,429.00

Description of the proposal:

This project will enhance and research the success of strategies that seek to:

  1. Improve the knowledge and skills of teachers of physics (preparatory and secondary) in engaging students in lab-based investigations
  2. Increase the number of college-ready students who will pursue STEM degrees
  3. Provide a model for science education reform at the precollege level that can be scaled from physics and physical science to other science disciplines in Qatar

The project will meet these goals by targeting teacher, technicians, and students through

  1. Establishing and conducting an Institute in Energy Education for teachers
  2. Providing PD for school lab technicians in Qatar
  3. Providing research/internships for students of Qatar, especially around the topic of energy
  4. Developing models that enhance students’ inquiry skills and sense of curiosity

Research questions will be asked as to the impact of strategies on the understanding of the subject matter and in engaging students in lab investigations, on students’ interest, and understanding the obstacles in the implementation of these goals.

This proposal is a focused extension of the previously funded QSTEP (Qatar Science Teachers Energy Project). It serves Qatar National Vision 2030 by leveraging Qatar’s energy themes and adding to the research base on how students learn science and how instructional interventions foster scientific curiosity in a knowledge-based society.